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About Bellite


 Hello! Bom dia! Bonjour! 

Thanks for stopping by here and wanting to get to know Bellite. Let me share with you "our" story. At Bellite indeed, we share two stories in one.

Bellite, its me, the founder or the brand! I was born in France from a Portuguese family and I am now settled in Australia. I love wandering the world and discovering new cultures and traditions. The memories from my trip and my multi-cultural background are my main sources of inspiration.

Bellite, its also the brand I created in Melbourne 3 years ago. A perfect combination of my European influences, my travel lifestyle and my passion for fashion.

For Bellite concept store, I curate collections of clothing and accessories, all designed and made by local talents based in one of my three favorite destinations:  France, Portugal and Bali.

I am the lucky lady flying regularly to these dream places to meet designers and source trendy pieces. The creations I select are the reflections of the current fashion, interpreted by local Portuguese, French and Balinese savoir-faire and heritage.

My wish for Bellite collections is to be accessible to every woman, to create a unique style and to share emotions, like these litlle precious souvenirs we bring from a beautiful trip.


"Bon voyage" in the world of Bellite!