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Winterland 20 Organic Tea Bags Set by Tea Heritage

Once upon a time... our Winterland box.

20 organic tea bags for a less harsh winter. For yourself or as a gift!

This box will accompany you from morning to night. The original shapes of our tea bags will brighten your days. ☀️

As beautiful as it is good!

  • 5 Rocking Horse - Christmas Organic Black Tea
  • 5 Penguin - Organic Black Tea Pumpkin Chai
  • 5 Ice skate - Organic Lemon Verbena Herbal Tea
  • 5 Mittens - Organic Earl Grey Tea

      Preparation tips: 

      🍃Place your tea bag in a cup or a mug.

      🫖Boil water at the brewing temperature written on the packaging.

      🍵Pour over the hot water in your cup or mug.

      🕰️Wait patiently. Respect the brewing time written on the packaging.

      ❤️Enjoy! Have a nice teatime!


      Made by Tea Heritage




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