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Lily of Valley Candle Senteurs de France


Scented candle lily of the valley illustrated flowery.
Scented candle lily of the valley vegetable wax, cotton wick, perfume of Grasse.

Description of the perfume: Floral
Head: floral
Heart: thrush
Background: white flowers

48 hours, 180 grams net

Made in Provence

The history of natural scented candles Scents of France:
The floral range was developed in collaboration with Alice Stevens, a young and talented illustrator from the Versailles Landscape School!


Directions for use
Light your candle in a place away from any incandescent object and let the wick burn no more than 2 consecutive hours. Never leave children to bear. Never leave the room where the candle is lit. You can also leave the candle off and it will diffuse perfume even when extinguished! That's the magic of Grasse perfume!


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