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Eiffel Tower x5 Organic Tea by Tea Heritage

These tea bags are perfect for a moment of relaxation and sharing.

As beautiful as they are good!

Our tea bags are hand sewn in our workshop in Lyon.

We use organic cotton thread that does not contain chemicals and does not bleed in boiling water. For the fabric, we use food grade gauze.

Our teas and herbal teas are organically grown. Our recipes are greedy and subtle.

5 tea bags per purchase.

    Preparation tips: 

    🍃Place your tea bag in a cup or a mug.

    🫖Boil water at the brewing temperature written on the packaging.

    🍵Pour over the hot water in your cup or mug.

    🕰️Wait patiently. Respect the brewing time written on the packaging.

    ❤️Enjoy! Have a nice teatime!



    - Breakfast: Ceylon Tea

    - Earl Grey




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