Cannes, the Film Festival, the South of France, the celebrities. Who never dreamt of going to Cannes during the festival just in hope to take a selfie with a celebrity? Any celebrity as long as it is not Afida Turner. Seriously, Cannes Film Festival is at the top of my list of destinations. Movies, networking events, fashion shows, beach parties, yacht parties, VIP parties … Some women start to get ready months in advance to look their best during the festival.


But when you live in Melbourne, the only way to enjoy the Festival is remotely through a screen. People like me, who crave for the fuss, the light and the sparkles of the festival, feel frustrated. But you know what, 79594 km must not refrain us from celebrating. So, I put together a list of what to wear at the festival just to allow us to dream.


Girls, Halloween and Cannes Film Festival are the only two events of the year where you can dress up as a slut and not being judged. High heels, low necklines, short dresses. Show it all. The idea is to create confusion and have people think: “who is this girl? I think she was in the last Almodóvar movie.” Of course, I was!



Killer heels

The first item you need is killer heels. Gold, sparkly, neon, whatever, as long as they are high, ‘cause, you know the saying: the higher the better. The shoes you wear at the festival are not meant to be comfortable, they are meant to be sexy.


EZE Stiletto


Killer Dress

Now that you have killer shoes, you need a killer dress. So, remember, it’s May in the South of France. Flowers bloom, the sun is shining, so you need to wear your golden stiletto with the cute EFI low-neck dress. Short and flowing, it will make you shine.


EFI Dress


Killer accessories

Now time to pick cute jewellery. VAL LONG Earrings are the perfect addition to a perfect outfit and of course, pair it with the Leon bag. Shoulder bags are perfect in case you need to chase down a celebrity down la Croisette. Perfect size to put your sunglasses, phone and business cards.



Business cards

Hey, you are going to meet a lot of people in Cannes, a lot. Designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, but you might be way too drunk to remember your own phone number. So, get some nice business cards that you can draw faster than your shadow.   


Author Claire Aerdman

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