What to get for Christmas ?

     The trendy and picky best friend, aka Rachel Green :




      We all have a Rachel in our lives. Rachel makes us sweat each year because we know she will find the perfect gift for us. So every year we enter this unofficial competition of who-will-give-her-the-coolest-and-trendiest-present for Christmas. The competition is tough because every time Rachel comes over for dinner, she always brings perfect flowers that match perfectly our interior. Rachel is the kind of girl who eats a burger, then a chocolate ice-cream and still fits in a size XS with an immaculate white shirt on. You will shop for hours to find her the perfect accessory but still you are not sure she is going to like it. And you fear "the face". The face people makes when they open their gift, you stare at them to see their reaction, they know you are staring so they smile no matter what."The face" is a mix of disappointment and fake smile, then they give you a "but yes, of course, I like". Then she makes sure the gift certificate is inside the bag, "just in case". Because we all know Rachel always returns her gifts.


    So for Christmas this friend of yours needs rattan bag. The LEON's bag is definitely the trendiest piece and woman needs in her closet. And because Rachel reads VOGUE, she knows that "The basket bag is officially the only bag to carry this summer and beyond" so she NEEDS one.


 LEON`s Bag

     The cheesy mum that helps you out but is not really your friend :

     All mums feel they are the worst. Well I do.  We all have this other mum as cheesy as she can be. And she happens to be your child best friend's mum. You wish you were a little bit more like her but it's not in your nature to talk to your kids like they were puppies. This mum is awesome, she never lets her kids go to bed angry and always tells them : "I love you to moon and back".

     She always has healthiest snacks while your kids only eat Teddies. But, hey, I am being mean right now, because this mum would always help you out and watch your child when you are stuck at the spa (sorry at work). She would organise playdate and sleep over at her house to leave you some quality time with your hubby (sorry working on your new collection). Yes, this mum is helpful and amazing, and you need to give her a “thank you for everything kind of gift”. For this mum, you need to get her the LUA bracelet. Because every time she will look at the bracelet she will be reminded that she will always love her children, even on the moon.


 LUA's Bracelet

      How cheesy! The mother-in-law who already have everything. Let’s be honest, nobody has everything. So, when your mother in law says she doesn’t want anything for Christmas, she is lying. In fact, she wants to be surprised. This Christmas, you need to create a need she is not aware of. You need to get her something she wants instead of something she needs, something pretty.

     The Rainha earrings are the perfect choice. She will definitely appreciate the attention. She will love the unique details of the handmade filigree. Those earrings are delicate and feminine. Even though your mother in law does not need an extra pair of earrings, those would be special. Sure enough, they come from the person who is raising her grandkids, YOU. Being unique, one of a kind, your mother in law would love the idea.
     Your work wife with a poor sense of fashion. We all have this colleague who shows up at work with the most unflattering outfits. She enters the office with sparkles in her eyes and asks you: “do you like my dress? I got it on clearance”. Then she turns around and asks if her butt looks big (and of course it does). You know this dress that you see in store and wonder who could buy this atrocity, well your colleague did. You keep a large smile all the way and say that you love it and that she wears it very well. You cannot openly judge a colleague’s taste but still, you have to do or say something. For this friend, no doubt, you need to get her one of the Jimmy jacket. They are trendy, colourful and fits everything, from the distressed jeans to the black pants. But more importantly, she can go out wearing it in the daylight without making a fool of herself.
JIMMY`s Jacket
Author : Claire Aerdeman

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