To a new year

To a new year …


Here I am, saying goodbye to 2018, celebrating the most exciting year of my life.

2018 was definitely an emotional roller coaster. Starting a business is tougher than it seems.

People see me as another girl selling fashion accessories but unless you went through this journey, you cannot imagine the hard work behind it. The reality is that I am a professional make-up artist that is now handling sales, finance, purchasing, marketing and logistic. And most of the time I have no clue of what I am doing. No, I am definitely not another girl selling clothing. I put my whole soul, heart and what’s left of my energy into this project. I have to say that this year (and probably the next one) was full of sleepless nights, worries and learnings. I questioned myself at least 1000. I went from feeling confident to losing hope and almost given-up.

But you know, when you have a dream, you have to do your best to make it come true. About following your dreams … social media overwhelm us with inspirational quotes, such as “If you believe in your dream, they will come true.” This is bullshit, right? I decided to right my own #inspirationalquotes: “It is not enough to believe in your dreams, you have to lose your mind, work hard, spend less time with your family, hire a cleaner, smoke more, drink more, go in public with white roots”


Now, looking back at 2018, the highlights were the success of the Jimmy Jackets and the Leon bags.




I also met amazing people and learnt a lot about myself. 2018 being over and Bellite well established, cheers to 2019, full of new trends, exciting collections and crazy stories about my life as an entrepreneur.

Author : Claire Aerdeman

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