The longer the better

Everybody is talking about them, every magazine writes about them, every store sells them and every blogger promotes them. Your best friend, your colleague and even your mum wears one. Yes, the maxi skirt is back from the 70s and we all want ours.

However, do maxi skirts fit all body shapes? The other day, I went shopping with a friend and we stopped at a little store on Chapel Street. She looked at a stunning maxi skirt and put it back with disappointment. I asked her what was wrong with it and she replied: “I am short and curvy. I will look bad in it.”

To help you decide whether or not you can and/or should wear a maxi skirt, I put together the quiz below. Take it to find out if you have the right body shape to wear a maxi skirt.



 Author : Claire Aerdeman

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Ana Clara

I am curvy and charming! :)

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