The 80s has gone !

Wednesday morning, I woke up to Karl Lagerfeld being dead and Cindy Crawford celebrating her 53 birthday

It made me wonder, are the 80s definitely behind?




Most of you will agree when I say that the 80s were the best years. Yes, the big changes happened between 1980 and 1990. The death penalty was finally declared illegal in France, Apple Macintosh came to life, Lady Diana became part of the royal family, HIV was discovered, and all teenagers walked around town listening to Thriller with their Walkman (Millennial friends: the Walkman is the ancestor of the iPod, which is the ancestor of the iPhone X).




However, for us, fashionistas, the 80s were the greatest years thanks to Karl Largerfeld. He was provocative, inspiring and innovative. By creating the new trend of clothing “Intellectual Sexiness” he empowered women to be whoever they want. He proved to men that women are desirable wearing a suit. And they definitely are! Sure enough, he not only brought Chanel back to life, he also emancipated all women. We were finally allowed to be successful, smart and sexy.



Now I read many critics in the media, particularly some French ones that say: “Lagerfeld leaving his fortune to his cat is an insult to human kind.” Like every genius Lagerfeld was eccentric and unconventional. Only he can do that and I don’t blame him!


And then I think, what about Cindy Crawford? Cindy, the icon of the 80s, Cindy and her too-famous mole that every teenage girl tried to copy? Cindy and her everlasting charming smile, long legs and her irresistible sense of style? She was on every runaway, and every cover of a magazine. Cindy was definitely the icon of my teenage years. So, I have to say that as long as Cindy continues to make us dream, the 80s will never end.


Author : Claire Aerdeman


Isabelle Lee

This is awesome! I didn’t know much about the 80s, thanks for posting!

Ana Clara

Very interesting!

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