Do we still have to introduce the Sézane brand? A digital fashion label with a phenomenal success, a French-style brand with daring, responsible and sustainable projects, the Parisian ready-to-wear brand has shaken up the French retail market to the point of creating an impressive community of more than 1.3 million loyal subscribers on Instagram. Let's unravel the mystery of Sézane...

Morgane Sézalory, a visionary of modern times

It all began in 2003 in the apartment of Morgane Sézalory, a young twenty-year-old with an atypical career path, reinventing her own idea of fashion in the 2.0 era. Having passed her literary baccalaureate and passed as a free candidate, the woman who lived the first years of her life in Zaire before landing in Paris, decided to take a year's sabbatical.

And as the bills have to be paid, this fan of vintage pieces started customizing clothes left behind by her expatriate sister, before selling them on eBay. The pieces sold like hotcakes, so much so that a few months later, the beautiful entrepreneur pushed the concept and created in 2009 "les Composantes", an e-shop where she offers capsule collections of revisited vintage pieces. The success was dazzling!

To her first customers who followed her from the very beginning of the adventure, new ones were added, also seduced by the concept. In the space of a few months, Sézane got a solid community, with some 50,000 people following it. Gawking each new arrival put online by the child prodigy, customers did not miss an opportunity to wear a piece of the brand. Anti Conformist and visionary, Morgane Sézalory sold at that time only her products on the internet and went against the principle of seasonality by offering capsule collections, by appointment via newsletter subscriptions. Contraction of his first and last name, Sézane was born and did not know the crisis.

Sézane tidal wave 

Between iconic pieces and essential pieces of women's wardrobe, the brand offers resolutely modern clothes, with irreproachable and durable quality, all with affordable prices and responsible production conditions. A convincing combo since these pieces, "made with love" in limited edition and put online during monthly meetings, are quickly sold out, making the requests for restocking explode under the Instagram posts, the main showcases of the young label then 100% online. Jeans, handbags, shoes, the best-sellers were very quickly elevated to the rank of iconic products and toured the world thanks to a calibrated communication and thanks to connected customers "echoing" the brand in the French capital and internationally by sharing the brand's own hashtags.

Sézane would not be Sezane without also Corentin Petit, the designer's partner. Straight out of HEC (the most famous Business School in France), the man in the shadows is actually the co-creator of this small 3.0 boutique, to which he subtly applied the usual marketing principles specific to any SME born on the web: rapid and exponential growth, guaranteed just-in-time production without overly expensive stock, calibrated storytelling, daring test & learn, and above all, new products presented at a frantic pace, creating surprise and buzz at each of their launches.

In 2015, the 100% digital label was accompanied by its first physical address, a unique boutique apartment where customers can come and try on clothes sold online, buy shoes and leather goods, but also a fine selection of decorative objects and even watch a movie in a charming cinema. A concept-store nestled in the heart of Paris with ultra-stylish decorations that are a hit in the capital and whose formula was quickly duplicated in New York and London, where Parisian style is still as popular as ever.

A meaningful brand

Concerned about creating a meaningful universe, the brand is committed to ethical fashion and in 2017 launched "Demain", a program that enables to donate a part of its profits to associations committed to children's education. At the same time, initiatives for eco-friendly fashion were multiplying, the brand encouraging its customers to “upcycling” while increasing its organic cotton resources. Sézane is also, among other things, a men's line with “Octobre Editions”, sportswear and a spot,“Libre Service », surfing on the wave of drug stores of yesteryear. What’s new at the moment? The latest collection of July 2020 called "28 days of summer" was unveiled on July 19th. The latter is a "tribute to transitions", marking the 28 days of summer that have already passed and the autumn that is fast approaching in Europe. On the program: denim, camel, ochre, green, patterns and colours half summer and half autumn.

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