12 May dads, 12 May is Mother’s Day! Please impregnate this date. Now you have no excuses. You have all the time needed to grab your kids and shop the nicest gifts for your wife.


Because moms deserve the best! They deserve the best because being a mom is the only job that requires to be on call 24/7. Middle of nights, weekends, evenings, moms have no break. Even when everything is going well, moms worry … because worrying is part of the job. They doubt about their ability to make the right decisions and even overthink their dinner choice: “did the kids had enough proteins, or fruits? What should I cook tomorrow”? Another reason is that moms get beat up by the only people they could die for. Flying toys, knees on the jaw during playtime, fingers on the eye because they want to “feel” your eyeball or having your nipple pinched just because it looks like a button. Mom is a job that does not include protective gears or recognition. No bonuses, no pay (the kids’ smiles, and happiness does not count as rewards) and no sick leave. Because moms cannot get sick. Sick or not, kids need to be fed, bathed and buts need to be wiped. And of course, it’s when moms are feeling the worst that the kids want to be with them: “but mom, I miss you so much, I want a hug”.

Sick or not, moms are the best. They are the most multi-task people. Moms are chefs, maids, financial advisors, bookkeepers, superheroes, monster killers and boo-boo healers. All in one person. Now, to all the moms I hear saying: “every day is Mother’s Day; I don’t need any special day for me”. Let’s be real, it’s bullshit, right? Of course, we all love our kids unconditionally, they are the most important people in our life. But please, give me Mother’s Day. One day. Just this day. And this day, I want it all. Because, I know that the rest of the year, the kids will go first. We all deserve to be selfish for even though we love our family, we most importantly need to love ourselves. 


So, for those reasons, dads, you need to spoil your wife on Mother’s Day. This day is all about them. Just them. Not the kids, not you, them. Please do not get her breakfast in bed with the kids. Get out with the kids and give her an entire day just for her. Send her to the spa, to her favorite store, rock climbing or just let her sleep all day long with full access to clean toilets. Also, get her a nice present. Something that she wants, something pretty, something that will make her eyes sparkling and her heart melt.


Author : Claire Aerdeman




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