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Interview- About a girl who lives in England : Juliana Barros

Interview- About a girl who lives in England : Juliana Barros

My name is Juliana Barros and I’m an ambitious actress, singer dancer and model with a growing love for fashion and self-expression !




Where is your favourite place to shop?

Online: PrettyLittleThing 

 What is your favourite outfit to feel confident?

Something that reflects my personality and creative spirit. Outfit color would be mainly brown or burgundy: a no shoulder top to make my neck look longer, high waisted leggings since I like to move around comfortably, long jacket, and I would finish the look with a thick pair of sunglasses and block heels 

What is the worst fashion crime you can think of?

UGG boots. For me they will always be a home footwear and I always get shocked when I see people wearing them out.

What is your favourite brand and why?

Gucci. Everything about It just screams charisma! 

Why is fashion important to you?

The way you dress represents what you want people to think about you, and as a performer I have only two states of mind: casual sporty and high fashion celebrity. There’s nothing in between in my closet.

Who is your fashion icon or inspiration?

FKA Twigs, without a doubt. The way she dresses represents everything she stands for and it’s like you can actually read her trough her outfits. Another example of that is Lady Gaga.




Do you think fashion varies across cultures?

Of course, every culture has their own ways of expression that are usually characterised by their location (whether it’s hot or cold) and their behaviour/ traditions. One of the most beautiful outfits in the world for me are the old traditional Japanese kimonos.

Do you have any advice to find a bargain?

There are a lot of unknown brands with absolutely killing outfits for very a good deal. So I’d say research as much as you can.

What is your favourite accessory and why?

Earrings. I just can’t leave the house without them, no matter what size or shape I need them on me all the time, every time. 

Do you prefer summer or winter fashion and why?

I definitely prefer winter fashion. You can play around with accessories way more than summer. During summer I feel like everything makes me sweat so I wear the minimum. During winter it’s the opposite, so I can go crazy with the accessories and layers. 


Thanks Juliana. If you want to know more about her,  follow her Instagram is : juba_0o


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The longer the better


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