Hi, I’m Simone Turner! I’ve worked as a singer, performer, journalist and marketer, while running a global health & wellness business that has completely transformed my life in every way – health, mentally and with my confidence. I’m now living the life of my dreams doing acting, modelling, presenting and running my business alongside it all.



Where is your favourite place to shop?

So many places, I don’t really have one! Some include vintage stores, Kookai, Zara, but I love the exclusive or independent designers too. For me shopping is definitely a feeling and I love the spontaneous purchases you find at markets and events too.

What is your favourite outfit to feel confident?

If it’s something quick to throw on for the day, it would be skinny high waist jeans and a top. For something more dressy, lately that’s my flowy longer style dresses and ankle boots (as Melbourne weather is just too cold to show my toes just yet!).

 What is the worst fashion crime you can think of?

Shorts that show half of one’s bottom hanging out! Big no no and not classy.

 What is your favourite brand and why?

For basics and dresses, it would be Kookai. Mainly because it’s so cold in Melbourne right now (being winter). Their tops are warm without being bulky. I’m not big into winter fashion and baggy jumpers, so I love that I can get wooden basics that still look stylish and chic.

 Why is fashion important to you?

It can change your entire mood, make you feel like a queen, and as a lover of all things creative and the arts, I have a huge appreciation for the beautiful art of fashion. A dress can change your life and make you feel like a queen – if you let it. I truly believe this!

Who is your fashion icon or inspiration?

Ohhh, so many! I love a range of styles, so Megan Hess for the very chic girly, classy outfits, and Taylor Swift for her range of style and colours! My style changes all the time and I love how Taylor’s does too and she’s always trying new creative looks! I also love Meghan Markle's stlye.

 Do you have any advice to find a bargain?

Go to the beautiful designer outlets, have coffee, and be in the right frame of mind. Buying clothing is a feeling and you must be in the right mindset to buy what is right for you at the time. Don’t ever choose clothing when you’re unhappy.

Do you think fashion varies across cultures?

Absolutely – and I love that! I recently worked at an Indian pop star event. All the Indian women came dressed in traditional outfits, all colours, and it was just beautiful! Pop culture and fast fashion however are all over the world, and it also depends where you live as the weather certainly predicts what you can / can’t wear. I would live in summer dresses if I could, but Melbourne is just too cold in winter.

 What is your favourite accessory and why?

Definitely my diamonte earrings and rings. I love some bling, but I’m often leaving jewellery as a last minute thing, so my go to is some simply sparkly studs and a single ring. I like to keep jewellery simple. I recently purchased a beautiful ring in the shape of a bow from your store and I often wear this when I’m in my girly moods. I absolutely love it!

 Do you prefer summer or winter fashion and why?

Absolutely summer, 100%. I suffer from extremely bad circulation, so being cold is painful (even with hundreds of layers, I still get cold). I also prefer summer fashion because it’s easy! I like the no fuss, no muss way of throwing on a beautiful dress and heels, and being ready for the day. In winter I have to add so many more layers! I also prefer bright colours and I get to add more of these in summer. I love sunshine and being warm (I swear in my past life I was a cat who just lazed around in sun drenched windows!). Summer is easier to pack for holidays and I love the dresses available. Ohhh, I am hanging for summer right now!


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