My name is Sophie Uricher, I am 28 years old, I was born in Alsace in France but both of my parents are from the Caribbean French island called Martinique. I moved to Melbourne 5 years ago because my husband got a great work opportunity.

I am passionate about sport and sport event. I play Handball, Dodgeball, Volleyball and I love Kite surfing too. As a former professional European Handball player I am actively involved in growing this sport in Australia. I am currently the President of the Melbourne Handball Club and coach of the National junior women team.

My dream is to work for the International Olympic Committee. I worked for a few international sport events like Roland Garros, The Tour de France, The French Golf Open and few more in France.

Besides, I have a second passion, which is modelling. I have been a freelance model since 2016. This happened to me a bit randomly when a few photographers approached me and brought me to this industry. Then, I started to like it and decided to give it a go more seriously.

I also have a few more hats, I am a freelance social media manager and a Business development manager for a food supplier and soon I hope I’ll have my own company in the import of Caribbean rum.

Where is your favourite place to shop?

Well, I am definitely not a shopaholic but I love shopping in Chapel Street because I can find everything I want and need, plus I also like to support the local community as I live nearby. I enjoy the second hand shops and I often go to “ The Collective Boutique”. My local favourite place for cute items is “Halo & Hutch Boutique”. I’d go to “Sheike” if I want a cocktail outfit and I buy online all my coloured accessories, head wraps, earrings… at “Chaya Boutique”.


What is your favourite outfit to feel confident?

It’s hard to tell but I like wearing my long and fluffy green pastel pant which is marking my waist I add to that a crop top and my lace heels. Otherwise, the same shoes with my yellow mustard dress and my black leather jacket.

What is the worst fashion crime you can think of? 

Wearing too many colours at the same time. 

What is your favourite brand and why? 

I don’t have a favourite brand. I pick what I like in different stores but if I have to choose one right now I’d say Sheike.

Why is fashion important to you? 

Fashion reflects to me a part of someone’s personality. It is also what makes us different and unique from the others but ironically it also what unites people and makes them belong into a group or part of a social identity by sharing a common interest. This is why I like fashion.  

Who is your fashion icon or inspiration? 

I am inspired by Caribbean and African ancestral fashion. I like the traditional hairstyles, accessories and outfits. I try to bring a detail of it in my day-to-day outfits.

Do you have any advice to find a bargain? 

Go to the second hands shops. There are great treasures in there for nothing and it’s a very sustainable approach.

Do you think fashion varies across cultures? 

Yes definitely.

The education, our traditions and history, the national famous figures, the movies etc. All of them influence our perspective of what is fashion and it’s not the same around the world.

What is your favourite accessory and why? 

EARINGS 1000x! I am big fan of earrings. For me it’s the small details that can enhance your style and outfit. . 

Do you prefer summer or winter fashion and why? 

I prefer  summer fashion.  Winter fashion is often too monotonous and repetitive for me. I like the bright and bold creations from  summer fashion trend. It’s food for the eyes.


Merci Sophie,

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