Hello, I am Océane 23 years old, a French woman working in marketing. I met the founder of Bellite during my stay in Australia.




Where is your favourite place to shop?

Regarding my shopping habits, I love to mix several styles. It is difficult for me to tell what my favourite store is. But I would say, Zara, it might be classic, but I think we can find nice outfits and accessories for a good value for money. In a higher price range, I like what IKKS offers for sportswear/rock look.


What is your favourite outfit to feel confident?

I like to wear a dress with sneakers, paired with a long blazer or an oversized coat. I also feel comfortable with classic high-waisted black pants, a plain t-shirt, a blazer and a pair of moccasins or high heels.


What is the worst fashion crime you can think of?.

What comes to mind when is an outfit with a multitude of colours that do not combine.


Why is fashion important to you?

The most important criterion in fashion is to feel good about my clothes. It does not matter if I don't wear the trendiest clothes. I need to feel good wearing them. If I can match them with theola trends of the moment, I am satisfied.

Another point is important for me, the quality of the clothes, I like when my clothes do not look cheap.


Who is your fashion icon or inspiration?

I do not really have any fashion icon. I love being inspired by people I meet in the street, I like to tap into different styles to create my own.


Do you have any advice to find a bargain?

I love to look at vintage or second-hand stores. I look for unique pieces. What you can find is gold.

In the same style, I like the website “Vestiaire Collective”, there are a lot of brands (some luxurious) but you have to increase your shopping budget.


Do you think fashion varies across cultures?

I travelled several months in Australia. I stayed in hostels where I met women from different countries and culture. Surprisingly, their clothing styles looked very similar than the French style.


What is your favourite accessory and why?

My favourite accessory is a purse. It is a very important piece of clothing for me as it completes an outfit.

Otherwise, I love glasses. I have several pairs that I wear depending on the style of my outfit.


Do you prefer summer or winter fashion and why?

I prefer the winter collections. I find that there are more possibilities to create different outfits and style.


Thanks Oceane !



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