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Bonjour, I’m Catherine! I’m a Melbourne based Graphic Designer with an addiction to shopping all things fashion and homewares. I love designing skincare and cosmetic packaging as it keeps me up with the trends. I’m a keen eater and baker of cakes, but I’m yet to master the art of baking a macaron. And a not very secret francofile who loves to learn French and travel whenever I can… usually bringing back several suitcases of clothing and French homewares…

Where is your favourite place to shop?

Sadly right now online… with most shops on lockdown, it’s great to be able to keep supporting our shops but a great chance to compare all the brands and all your options at once. I have A LOT of retailer tabs opened and half filled carts. Otherwise, Paris.

What is your favourite outfit to feel confident?

Something that is comfortable but also chic! I feel my most confident when I’m partly comfy, but still looking stylish! Like jeans with a killer jacket or fun boots to dress it up! And I love adding a spot of pink, pattern or lace to brighten up the day!

What is the worst fashion crime you can think of? 

Midriff tops… no one wants to see that. I’m glad I was never the right age when it began or came back in!! I think only 1% can pull the look off and they are models haha! Let’s keep it classy!

What is your favourite brand and why? 

I can’t be tied down to a favourite, but I love small Australian retailers and to the annoyance of all my friends when they ask where I got really special things from, the answer is usually overseas… in little city streets, unknown brands, cute boutiques that I’d never find again even if I tried. I love having a statement piece with a story to tell.

Why is fashion important to you? 

Fashion is important because it’s self expression, it’s a chance to stand out, be yourself and ohh so much fun! Who doesn’t love dressing up to make you feel great!

Another important thing to me is to buy quality over quantity so it lasts and you’re not investing in fast fashion. To buy key pieces you know will last you years and you’ll still love and get enjoyment from.


Who is your fashion icon or inspira on? 

Like every girl, I love a bit of Chanel in my life. But I also love seeing what Megan Hess has got on, the woman has a stunning wardrobe full of flowy, white and pink dresses, covered in lace and frills. A wardrobe I don’t think I’d be able to wear in everyday life… but a girl can dream!

Do you have any advice to find a bargain? 

I love waiting for sale times, Black Friday, Boxing day and Mid-year sales. These are the best times to afford even more beautiful things.

Do you think fashion varies across cultures? 

Of course, and that’s the most fun part. I think we can definitely be inspired by other cultures and take little bits of what we like into our own wardrobe. Fashion-fusion!

I’ve often found pieces I’ve bought overseas have eventually come into fashion in Melbourne, and it’s always styled a little differently.


What is your favourite accessory and why? 

I love collecting handbags, they’re such a great addition to top off an outfit or add a splash of colour and I need one in every size… They have to be bought where they’re from, like when I got my Kate Spade bag in New York, it’s all part of the experience with the fun of travelling! A great peace of fashion to me has a memory or story.

Do you prefer summer or winter fashion and why? 

Surprise answer… SPRING! Because all the floral prints come out, colour becomes more acceptable to wear after winter in Melbourne and I can break out all my midi skirts as it warms up.

Merci Catherine,

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