Get yourself a piece of Portugal !

By now you all know of my Portuguese heritage. Like any Portuguese, I am a proud advocate of the culture of my country, its history and gastronomy.

Now when you think of Portugal, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Let me guess, I am sure you think of Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese tart and olive oil.

Portugal is more than that! It’s a delicate and rich music called Fado, it is an amazing stew made of fresh fish, it is Filigree jewelry etc. Filigree is as old as jewelry and guess what, it has never been so popular. Tourists fly to Portugal to buy handmade filigree rings, pendants, pins, bracelets. It is the artistic heritage of the Portuguese jewelry craftsmanship.



Filigree is crafted with fine, precious metal wires and it often incorporates small metal beads to create intricate and multi-layered designs that often look like beautiful lacework. It is a delicate and unique work of art.



I am bringing them to you here in Melbourne, Australia. This is what Bellite is all about, have my customers travel through my collection of clothing and accessories. The Rainha earrings that you can find at Bellite are the perfect examples of Filigree jewelry. It is delicate, feminine and elegant. Its uniqueness will make you feel special!



One last thing you should know about Portuguese! We are funny, really. We always manage to turn random boring moments into fun ones. You will experience that when you come and visit my stall at South Melbourne Night Market the every Thursday of January and February.


Author : Claire Aerdeman

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