My name is Wendy Trinet, I am French from Paris and have been living in Melbourne for the past 15 years. I moved to Melbourne for Love after meeting my now husband on a sailing trip in Turkey. We now have two little boys: Floyd and Hunter – I named my womenswear label “eyes on floyd” after Floyd was born.


eyes on floyd


Where is your favourite place to shop?

I actually love to shop in London and LA.

London has the best high street fashion at affordable prices. I also love to go to flee markets their and hunt for some vintage clothes and accessories.

LA has also amazing vintage fairs and market where you can find amazing gems!


What is your favourite outfit to feel confident?

Dress, black leather jacket, boots and big earrings.


What is the worst fashion crime you can think of?

I wore a corduroy pacthwork style pants with a rock cut out T-shirt. Thinking back, it just did not go together at all!!


What is your favourite brand and why?

At the moment I am loving two brands – Innika choo and LoveShackFancy.

Innika Choo has great smoked pieces that are easy to wear with jeans, shorts or skirt and will always make you stand out of the crowd.

LoveShackFancy: they offer vintage inspired dress.



 Innika Choo


Why is fashion important to you?

It is part of who I am in a way. My great - grandmother was a fashion designer and used to make these amazing crochet clothes. I always knew that I wanted to work in fashion as it was all that I can think off. 

I love looking at vintage styles and see what people use to wear a and where did they go in their outfits. It makes me dream and gets me so inspired!


Who is your fashion icon or inspiration?

Fashion Icon would be Edie Sedgwick. I juts love how she wore her clothes back with her big earrings.


Do you have any advice to find a bargain?

I never go on the hunt for bargains, I just find them when I least expect it.


Do you think fashion varies across cultures?

Yes for sure.


What is your favourite accessory and why?

Love big earrings, it is my signature style. I think they just add a bit of “ je ne sais quoi” to your every day outfit.


Do you prefer summer or winter fashion and why?

Summer, love to wear dresses or skirts every day!


Thanks Wendy, you can follow her on Instagram eyes_on_floyd

or on her online store www.eyesonfloyd.com


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