My name is Fatima, I am a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters, one who’s almost 19 years old and the other one who’s 16, I grew up in Paris and moved to L.A. in my twenties.


Growing up in the Fashion capital, I always paid attention to the different trends without necessarily following them, I always had my own style, sometimes classic, sometimes more eccentric (not that eccentric, lol), my motto is a quote from Coco Chanel, that I heard her say during an interview : “Luxury is when you feel comfortable in your shoes”, Even though she was really speaking about shoes at the time, I feel that we can use it for everything we wear, because what’s the point of wearing something that makes you suffer ? It is indeed the ultimate luxury to me to feel comfortable in your shoes, in the broader sense of the sentence.


My Morrocan heritage has helped me discover at a young age that Fashion was different depending on the part of the world you lived in, even though there are some staples that you can find across the continents. 








Where is your favourite place to shop?

I love sample sales ! Because I don’t always have time to go shopping, so that’s my opportunity to stock up on designer clothes for much cheaper on a limited time. Otherwise I have my staples for shoes…Cole Haan, they have the classic most comfortable flat shoes. I also feel lucky to have designer friends whose designs I love like Mona Nunez, Frou Frou or Danang, so when they post something on Instagram, I know where to go…



What is your favourite outfit to feel confident?

A nice pair of jeans, a cute Mona Nunez shirt with a pair of cut boots/heels + blazer is my easy go to, the comfort of the jeans and shirt is complemented by the heels by adding a feminine touch, but then again, I love dresses, so if weather permits I would be wearing a dress from my Frou Frou collection because they’re comfortable and easy to wear, they make you feel feminine whether you have curves or not.

I have to say that the hairstyle is a big part of the outfit to help me feel confident.   



What is the worst fashion crime you can think of?

The only fashion crime I can think of is wearing fur…everything else goes, I think you can match or mismatch fabrics, colors, styles, as long as you feel comfortable with it and that you own it.



What is your favourite brand and why?

Favorite brands for everyday wear :  Banana Republic, Uniqlo and Zara, they have a lot of basic items that you can match. Otherwise Danang and Frou Frou are really my faves.

There really are a lot of designers that I love, so if I had to pick one, it would be Monique Lhuillier, her material and designs are so elegant, feminine and comfortable, I would love to have a lot of them. 



Why is fashion important to you?

Fashion is important because that’s what defines you to the outside world, whether you want to be invisible or make a statement, the way you dress says something about you.



Who is your fashion icon or inspiration?

Coco Chanel of course, for her simplicity and timeless style, but I’ve also always loved Christian Lacroix for his boldness with colors and material, I wish he’d come back…



Do you have any advice to find a bargain?

A lot of stores have a sale/clearance area all year long, very often in the back of the store, just ask if they have one. Look for sample sales, a lot of designers host them once a year, with discounts going very low (some as low as 90%off), get on their mailing list, or and of course outlets, especially when they go on sale…



Do you think fashion varies across cultures?

Of course, Fashion does vary across cultures, because the creativity is diverse and depends on your environment and what you have access to, what I like in African and Asian designers for example is mainly the colors they use, even though different they usually compliment people. Diversity is also what fuels creativity…



What is your favourite accessory and why?

My favorite accessory would be the Tiffany necklace and bracelet(Elsa Peretti collection) that my daughters gifted me on Mother’s Day, several years ago, it is simple and classic enough for me not to ever remove it except for a massage or on rare occasions that I feel they don’t go with my outfits. 



Do you prefer summer or winter fashion and why?

I do prefer summer fashion, because it’s easier to wear dresses without feeling cold, and I feel lighter ;) Although I sometimes do look forward to winter so I can wear certain pants and boots, sweaters…



Thanks Fatima




Find the brands on Instagram that Fatima mentioned :


- Frou Frou : froufroula

- Danang : danangusa

- Monique Lhuillier : moniquelhuillier



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