You can try in the privacy of your own home.

Dressing rooms are the worst. There is no light, no room to put your purse. The curtains usually don’t go all the way so there’s always a tiny space between the wall and the curtain. Of course, you are afraid that people can peek at you, so, you hid as much as you can and try to hold the curtain with one hand while trying to fit in a pair of jeans too small for you. ‘Cause, you know jeans expend so you need one size smaller.



You get CLEAN clothes.

I love Zara. If I enter a store anytime I have the chance, I’ll be bankrupt by now. But I realised that when you buy in-store Zara, clothes are rotten. When women shop, they are on a mission, nothing stops them. Often, they are on a tight schedule, they have an hour lunch break or need to leave the kids with the dad for their “time off” but feel bad so they hurry to go back home as soon as possible. They grab the clothes as fast as possible, pill them on their arm and run to the dressing room. Then, they try their cute white lace tops, tuck their face, pull them harshly without really caring about the top and leave long foundation stains. Then you go after them, because white lace tops are adorable and trendy, and you realise that the lady before you ruined it. Clothes ordered online arrive clean, smell new, are well folded and you are the first person to try them on.



You get instant feedback.

I hate to shop with my husband, but I love to receive his feedback. I take my time, try on my new pair of pants with any tops I already have to see how many different looks I can create. Then, I show it to my hubby and ask him the traditional questions. What do you think? Does my but looks big? Do my legs look short? Do I look cool? Does it make me look old? My husband is pretty straightforward and will tell me what he thinks. But does it mean I will listen? Nahhhh …



You save time.

Most of the stores are only open during daytime. However, there are not enough hours during daytime. Between work, school pick-ups, grocery shopping, trying to keep the house clean, we do not have enough time during the day to go out and shop for ourself. In such a situation, online shopping comes to our rescue. The online shopping stores are open 24 hours a day. I personally do online shopping in my pyjama, in my bed, at 10:30pm. The kids are in bed, I had dinner with my husband, I have 30 minutes to kill before turning the light off. It’s the end of a long day and I deserve to treat myself, right? We all do.



 You avoid crowds.

The older I get, the less patient I become. And I have to tell you, I hate shoppers. Crowded stores never create a pleasant experience for shoppers. And what’s wrong with people shopping at Zara, on a Saturday afternoon, with their kids? I have kids, and I did bring them shopping hoping they would behave. But let’s be real, kids do not behave in stores. Stores are the best playground they can wish for. They play hid and seek behind the clothes, try on shoes and parade in the store. Or worst, they crawl under the curtains in dressing rooms. That’s where the online shopping stores can assist you. When you are shopping online, you would never have to deal with the frustration in crowded stores. Therefore, shopping would become a smoother experience for you.


You buy what you need.

Am I the only person entering a store to buy a black tank top and leave with a blue dress that I will never wear because I rarely wear dresses? When you walk around the aisle of a store you get distracted by all the cute clothes around you. So, you stop, grab it, tell yourself you deserve it and buy it. It’s that simple. Online stores have filters to help you search the product you are looking for. So, you type “black tank top” and the website will pull all the black tops they have. There are plenty of filters available for your convenience, by size, colour, price. Therefore, you can quickly shop for what you want. Well unless you shop at Zara.com and they have the “wear it with” option and you end up buying the entire outfit.


Author : Claire Aerdemam


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