We’re definitely living in the era of blogging. Blogs are all over the web. The truth is that everyone has stories to tell, interests to share and thoughts to communicate with others. We all carry the distinctive and unique lines of our life and we love to spill them out all over the web and social media. I love to follow bloggers. They inspire me. I love how they have different stories and their uniqueness in telling them. 

Here are 5  bloggers that everyone in Australia need to follow. 

From Portugal, we have Raquel Strada. Raquel has her own blog called ‘Blue Ginger’ where she features Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle. She is definitely the go-to person for all things fashion and lifestyle. She shares her taste of fashion and even let’s you shop her style. Want to know more about her, here her Instagram : raquelstrada



 From France, we have Caroline Receveur. She blogs about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and health. Caroline Receveur is the kind of woman that we hate to love (and love to hate). She started in a reality show where she got kicked out after two weeks. At the time, she was just the girl next door. Then she bloomed and became a most attractive and inspiring woman. Everything in her is beautiful. We all want her hairstyle, her lipstick, her style and even her boyfriend. When I want fashion advice, I just go to her Instagram and get inspired. Have a look at her Instagram`s page : Carolinereceveur !



 Another French girl that you need to follow is Noholita. She is definitely ahead of everybody in terms of trends. In her last article, she talks about the new trend: Neon. Seriously? Neon is back! And to be honest, she made me want to run at Zara and buy a Neon dress. When I read her articles, I feel like I am entering a private sphere. She shares most intimate details about her life and makes me feel like she could be my BFF.



Next, Camille Charrière, described as “the most British of all Parisian bloggers” by the media, is definitely someone to follow. She co-hosts a Podcast, Fashion No Filter, where she gives a behind the scene overview of the fashion world. She is the creative mind behind the blog Camille Over the Rainbow, where she shares her atypical sense of fashion. You know, the kind of clothes that looks stunning on her but ridiculous on you.

In one of her post, she said: “And good clothes don't die either! A killer piece should last a lifetime, and if you grow out of it then maybe it’s time to let it become someone else’s.” She is so damn right!



Last but not least, Amina Minouch ! Amina from Tunisa is the Youtube girl who teaches how to create perfect curls. You know, the tutorials that you always try to follow carefully but never manage to get the same results. Amina is sophisticated and natural. She shares stunning pictures of her and her beautiful family in the most paradisiac destinations. I love to check her Instagram out and dream as I read her posts.


Author : Claire Aerdeman



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