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Some say that women need to dress “age-appropriately”.  

But what does it mean? Who defines what women should be wearing at specific age? From what I read while googling “how to dress age-appropriate” is that basically, women turn 40 and bam, they need to change their entire wardrobe and retire from wearing crop tops and tiny skirts. So, at 39 no problem, but at 40, short shirks are out.

Ten years ago, fashion was more rigid. Women would dress up depending on their age group and labels were only for a certain category of income. Women would cover their curves and dress more traditionally as they got older. This way of living seems archaic, right? Now, it’s 2020 and fashion rules are over. Fashion is now a sport. Always chasing the trendiest items, the latest icons and labels are not intimidating anymore. 

Of course, fashion is my favourite sport and I managed to excel at it. But as I turned 45, I am wondering if there is a right trend for a right age? When should we stop wearing crop tops, ripped jeans and miniskirts?

The more I think about it and the more I realise that “age-appropriate” fashion is a step backward for women’s rights.

Now I am 45 and looking fabulous. I don’t dress to look younger but edgier. I don’t dress to please anyone, but I dress for myself. I pick the clothes that make me feel confident and that cheer me up.

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